CNC Cutting
CNC Cutting 

CNC cutting means precision, consistency, efficiency and clean lines no matter what material you are working with.  Whatever material you decide to use : wood, non ferrous metal, acrylic  you will find a precise cut to exact dimension and detail. 


Solid Surface
Solid Surface 

The great appeal of solid surface is  it's  seamless and non porous nature. It has exceptional durability, renewable properties, and form ability, which  makes this material top choice for retail, institutional, commercial and residential environments. 

Precision millwork at Rowntree

We can provide custom cabinets for all your projects including commercial, institutional, hospitality, retail and residential. 

Our CNC machine provides consistency & precision cutting while our construction methods produce a durable and quality product.  

Flatline Finishing at Rowntree Custom Mill Work
Flatline Finishing

Rowntree can provide quality flatline finishing and transform raw, machined wood into beautifully finished, quality product ready to ship to you or your  client.  

Finishing solutions for flat or mould wood or woodbase


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