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Rowntree Custom Millwork
Rowntree Custom Millwork

Typical applications may include:


Ready-to-Assemble (RTA)

Office Furniture

Kitchen cabinets 



Composite (MDF, Particle Board) 

Wall Panels 


Types of finishing Materials:




Fire Retardant Coatings

Water based finishes




Rowntree Custom Millwork's " Premiere" finishing line can transform raw, machined wood into beautifully finished, quality product readyto  ship to your client.  


Quality is achieved on this high speed system by maintaining a strict and  controlled process for consistent, repeatable results. 


Applications of stains, water borne base & top coats, latex paint ,

laquer and fire retardant coatings can all be customized to suit 

your projects specifications.  Our staff can provide solutions for

flat or profiled furniture panels / trims to achieve a high gloss or 

matt, clear or pigmented finishing results.



Flatline Finishing 

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